What Is Rolled Ice Cream?

An exciting and delicious ice cream treat that needs to be seen to believe, hand made and customized the way you want it

Halo Halo

Mixed with taro jam, topped with halo mix and jackfruit


Banana ice cream, topped with crushed peanuts, banana slices, maraschino cherry, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle

Cool Breeze

Mint oreo mixed in, topped with Andes chocolates, Oreo crumbles, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle


Fresh strawberries ice cream and topped with sliced strawberries, vanilla garnola, and whipped cream


Thai Coffee mixed in with chocolate drizzle and topped with almonds and biscotti crumble


Graham cracker mixed in with Teddy Graham cookies, chocolate drizzle, and topped with a roasted marshmallow

B'Fast Time

Crunchy cereal mixed in and topped with fruity cereal

Red Velvet

Red velvet oreo cookie mixed in with caramel drizzle and almonds and whipped cream


Fresh avocado mixed in with condensed milk drizzle and topped with pecans